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The right balance between enterprise and safety

The right balance between enterprise and safety

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Like no other, the industry is aware of the safety risks involved while working with hazardous substances. Engineering and Consultancy Agency DGMR sees organisations taking their corporate responsibilities. Ensuring the safety of employees, clients and the environment. It is much more about the appropriate tuning of different interests however. About the right balance between enterprise and safety.

Remko Kreton: “The safe usage, processing and storage of hazardous substances is the expertise of companies. These activities are carried out with the utmost caution. Rightly so, the same goes for safety. At the same time they struggle with the consequences of changing laws due to European policy. Many organisations consider alterations in SEVESO III, PGS and BEVI as difficult challenges. DGMR offers the expertise needed in this area.”

Ronald Oldengarm: “The strength of DGMR is that we can easily expand these safety themes with fire safety in buildings. We employ experts who excellently combine fire prevention and suppression with transport and storage of hazardous substances.”

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