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Engineers and consultants of the future

We offer innovative solutions for a sustainable, safe and healthy living environment. For today and tomorrow.

What we do

About 200 experts want to be the best in their field. We challenge ourselves every day to come up with creative solutions. Effective for society. Innovative for clients. Crucial to the comfortable living environment of today and tomorrow.

DGMR is an independent agency that seeks out the boundaries of possibilities, off the beaten path. Together with our clients, we are happy to take on the challenge to contrive options of lasting value. With great emphasis on sustainability, safety and health.

More about us

How can we help you?

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+ 31 88 346 75 00


  • Van Pallandtstraat 9-11, NL-6814 GM  ARNHEM  |  route
  • Casuariestraat 5, NL-2511 VB  THE HAGUE  |  route
  • Lavendelheide 2, NL-9202 PD  DRACHTEN  |  route


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