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Entrepreneurship and safety in balance

You work with hazardous substances and know the risks like no other. You want to deal with safety responsibly for your company, your employees, the environment and your customers. That the government lays down rules for your company with regard to safety is only logical. How do you maintain your efforts and costs? How do you find the right balance between entrepreneurship and safety? How do you responsibly align the interests of yourself, the government and the environment?

Your company’s situation

Many companies struggle with this. Of course, you know how to safely use, process or store hazardous substances in your production process. Our expertise lies in consultancy and guidance in the areas of corporate development, environment, safety and zoning plans. We have many years of experience in these areas. DGMR’s consultants apply this to your company’s situation and create chances for the future, so that you can keep doing what you are good at.


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  • Strategic consultancy in environmental policy

    You can approach us for the latest developments and the most recent laws and regulations. Your company specific situation is our starting point. Beginning with your business plan, through (strategic) risk analyses and environmental permits, alignment with the Authority Having Jurisdiction and other stakeholders up to realisation and implementation. We present the strategic choices to you time and again, to keep you completely involved and at the wheel.

  • Risk analysis

    External safety revolves around risks for the environment caused by business operations. Laws and regulations address individual risk, but also contain wide discretion. It is mandatory to account for the achieved safety level. The size and change of the societal risk, the spatial alternatives and the consideration of risk reducing measures are at the core of this. DGMR’s consultants have extensive experience with qualitative and quantitative risk analyses, impact and legal analyses.

  • Hazardous substances

    In spatial development, governmental organisations and developers frequently come into contact with external safety regarding the transportation of hazardous substances. Think for instance of new housing development near roads and railways. When it comes to the transportation of hazardous substances, DGMR has the expertise to quantify and assess the risks. Our consultants advise the concerned parties in weighing the measures that reduce the chance of an accident or the scale of a calamity.

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Together, we work on a responsible corporate and living climate within the boundaries of government policy.


We know the specific approach that distribution centres, data centres and tank storage need for custom-made solutions.

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