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Strenght of existing areas

A different view on areas intended for work, residence, recreation and nature. More focus on the strength of existing areas. What is their added value? And how do we enhance this with, for example, sustainability, safety, health and accessibility? Because people are most successful in a comfortable living environment. An area can thrive after an integral assessment of interests.

Enhancing the area

Spatial planning not only requires perseverance. Insight in chances and obstacles also help in making the right decisions. Our consultants can assist in the development of policy, the guidance of processes and the technical interpretation in the planning stage. We will not stop until you have an innovative, suitable solution that enhances the area and is acceptable to all parties involved.

We help developers and (local) governments make room for people and environment in a balanced way.


Our consultants Spatial planning

More information about spacial planning

  • Zoning plans

    Our consultants are involved in a wide variety of zoning plans, on behalf of municipalities, private developers and companies. We know the tension field, the procedures and the steps needed for an environmental permit. We visualise the environmental situation, recognise potential bottlenecks and can contrive suitable solutions. Our consultancy supports your decision-making process with an optimal decision as result. We then integrate your choices into the zoning plans.

    It is often possible to take your plans for the future into account in the zoning plan stage, even before your plans are concrete. This shortens the duration of the procedure, which leads to a swifter realisation of your plans. We examine the risks and opportunities, by which you can align your strategy with the environment.

  • Environment and planning act

    The environment and planning act revolves around the physical living environment and the activities that affect or could affect the physical living environment. With the forthcoming environment and planning act, the Government combines all regulations for plans and projects. The act joins together 26 existing laws on the areas of construction, environment, water, spatial planning and nature. The act changes the framework: less rules, more possibilities for local work and more confidence in authorities, citizens and entrepreneurs.

    You can expect of DGMR, as your consultant, to be and stay up to speed with this change in environmental law. We would gladly explain to you what the environment and planning act entails and especially: what this law means for you.

DGMR advises clients in these markets

Policy consultancy

For your solutions of tomorrow, we turn fundamental know-how into knowledge and products with practical use.

Area development

We can assist in the development of policy, the guidance of processes and the technical interpretation in the planning stage.


Whether it concerns low-noise road surfaces or complex designs, DGMR guides the implementation in the environment.