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Mechanical, electrical and plumbing solutions

It is not just architectural measures that are crucial to ensuring comfortable and healthy living; building services also contribute to these objectives. Electrical and mechanical installations can be used to achieve a sustainable, healthy, comfortable and near-zero energy environment. Based on the building code and your additional requirements, we look for an optimal design that takes architectural, mechanical and electrical measures into account.

Integral approach

The engineers and consultants at DGMR are happy to help you in your design and decision making processes for both new buildings and the renovation of existing buildings. As part of our broad approach we will also take building physics, sustainability and health aspects into account, resulting in an integrated design. Fire safety and security must obviously also be considered; this can be done according to the building code, or incorporating additional requirements from, for example, an external organisation. Alternatively we can assist you in creating a list of requirements for different aspects such as thermal comfort, building services and fire safety.

Choice of options

In order to determine the best locations in the building for different installation components such as heating, cooling and ventilation systems, and also for lighting, energy, data and Wi-Fi, we prefer to be involved in the design process at the earliest possible stage. We will provide several options and recommendations that can be used in the decision making process. You may wish to focus strongly on investment or maintenance, or perhaps on integration. Then again, you may prefer to explore the most energy efficient concept or consider what type of exploitation contract and operator would be the best fit.

We can be involved from first design, up to and including the commissioning of your building, but we can also help you to investigate desired improvements at a later stage; these might include building services, thermal comfort and energy savings.


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  • Requirements and costs

    The type of building, the kind of operation and the amenities that users might need will determine which installations are appropriate. We can take the client’s requirements into account, or guide the client in the process of creating the set of requirements that will have to be met by the mechanical and electrical services.

    Higher ambitions regarding sustainability and health may also be desired priority. We can effortlessly integrate various sustainable building certificates such as BREEAM or WELL into our design. Thanks to our expertise in building physics, sustainability and building security, we are able to work using a holistic approach.

    Building services impact the design and floor plan of a building; the heating, cooling and energy concept, the networking system, or different mechanical, electrical and plumbing(MEP) components must all be found a place in the building. We are happy to help you at an early stage to determine the location and the space required for these components. We can also provide a cost estimate for the projected MEP-components. If required, we can calculate the total cost of ownership of the projected design or make a comparison between various suitable design concepts.

  • Evaluation and assessment

    Our installation consultants are familiar with the practical ins and outs that transform a design into a reality. We check the quotes or estimates submitted by the builder or installer based on our experience, provide advice on potential contract agreements or propose other options better suited to your ambitions. If you have submitted certain performance requirements, we will check them against the builder’s or installer’s drawings and calculations. The long and the short of it is that we will be watching closely while at the same time assuring quality.

    Our quality assurance role also means that we will check whether the agreed solutions are being effectively put into practice during the building process. If suggestions for alternatives are proposed, we will assess them and evaluate them against the initial estimate and the requirements set.

  • Commissioning and complaints

    Our consultants are experienced in handling the technical commissioning of buildings. Have the armatures been fitted correctly, is insulation missing somewhere or is there a lack of ventilation? If so, we will take action on these issues and make sure that they are solved.

    Unfortunately, it sometimes becomes clear once a building has been commissioned that the installations are not functioning properly, for example, because the settings of a building management system are not correct. In such a case, we will go through the different reports, such as hydronic and air balancing reports, to find out which settings have been used and, if applicable, ensure that problems are rectified. If complaints persist, we can engage our subsidiary bba binnenmilieu for a thorough investigation.

DGMR advises clients in these markets

Office buildings

We help our clients make their buildings above all: distinctive, healthy, productive, comfortable and safe.


Our unique experience with vibration technology combined with building physics and fire safety makes the difference.


Creating an optimal experience for visitors of concert halls, gym complexes, amusement parks and for example cinemas, is something we do together.


We help schools and universities in choosing an environment that increases learning achievements.


To alter shopping so that it becomes a new experience, we change shops and ‘shopping malls’ into comfortable buildings.

Residential development

We are happy to contribute to healthy and pleasant living environments, mostly mixed-use developments and stacked residential building complexes.

Health care and hotels

We create an environment for hospitals and hotels in which people can properly recover and relax.