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What we stand for

DGMR is a consultancy and engineering firm that is always looking for and finding innovative solutions. Our dedicated team of 250 employees likes to challenge themselves. As solution-oriented consultants, we make the impossible possible and create value. Together with our clients, we work on safe, sustainable and healthy housing, working and living. DGMR: making possible together. For today, tomorrow and the future.


In a world that is constantly changing, leaders are needed. We are constantly taking that step forward towards a sustainable living environment. The complex construction and environmental issues we work on together require an inquisitive and beyond-the-question attitude. The solution lies in quality, creativity and innovation, where we push the limits of the possibilities.

Team Performance

Our common drive: always thinking in terms of opportunities and pioneering initiatives. Our work is always a team effort. We put our shoulders to the wheel together, use everyone’s talent and are approachable and accessible. Clients know us as a knowledge partner, an expert by experience, a thorn in the side or an always-questioner. With a certain level-headedness, we realize their high ambitions. This is how we arrive at optimally applicable advice with the most sustainable result possible.

Knowledge position

We can only make cooperation possible with each other. The knowledge and experience that we gain in our day-to-day work is meant to be shared. From our knowledge position we like to pass on what we know, in all kinds of networks, in education and of course in our own organization. This is how we get further together. And we create better solutions and added value for the future. Building a world together for future generations. DGMR: making possible together.

Core values

We act in an honest, reliable and careful way according to the rules of the game.

Eye for the future
We believe that investing in a better world for tomorrow is the best way to create value.

We know what we are talking about.

We do not operate alone. We are part of society, have an eye for everyone’s interests and like to work together in the best integrated teams to achieve the best social results.

Fun & passion
We are entrepreneurs, we show initiative and are responsible for the results.

Every person is valuable. Everyone is welcome to develop their own qualities to the fullest. Our people are our most important factor of success.


  • Adviesbureau de Haan

    As a small engineering firm, Adviesbureau de Haan has grown large with acoustic research. But also in case of nuisance caused by noise, air or odor, agricultural companies, SMEs, industry, municipalities and environmental services turn to Adviesbureau de Haan.

  • bba binnenmilieu

    logo bba binnenmilieu

    bba binnenmilieu bv is a consultancy firm that has been dealing with the ‘invisible’ environmental aspects since 1996. We specialize in indoor environment, healthy building, installation technology, building physics and working conditions. We strive to achieve pleasant and comfortable living, learning and working environments.

  • Kuiper & Burger

    Logo Kuiper & Burger

    Kuiper & Burger supports companies and organizations ranging from SMEs to multinationals. Their issues generally have above-average complexity, such as BRZO, IPPC, Waste, Nitrogen deposition, nuisance, etc. Because of our specialism we carry out large-scale projects.

  • Sensornet

    The people at Sensornet are working toward a world that is quieter, healthier and more comfortable. By providing companies, municipalities and local residents with the most up-to-date, reliable and clear information about noise and vibrations. Not based on assumptions, but on long-term measurements.

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About 220 experts want to be the best in their field. We seek out the boundaries of possibilities, off the beaten path. We are happy to tell you what we can do for you.

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