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What we stand for

It is our conviction that people are most successful in a sustainable, safe and healthy environment. Every day we challenge ourselves to come up with creative solutions. Effective for society. Innovative for clients. Crucial to the comfortable living environment of today and tomorrow.

In 1980, engineers Van Dalfsen, Gies, Meerdink and Van Rangelrooij started a new and independent engineering and consultancy agency: DGMR. Because they wanted to connect quality to creativity. To seek out the boundaries of possibilities, off the beaten path. To think along with clients in order to surprise them with optimal and integrated solutions.

Added value now and in the future

This passion can still be found in DGMR’s DNA. We think ahead. We are frontrunners when it comes to high standing, innovative solutions. Together with our clients, we are happy to take on the challenge to contrive options that are an added value now and in the future. With great emphasis on sustainability, safety and health.

Every step we take is for the climate and society. Making impact together with clients creates a better future to our world and thus to future generations. We not only want to reduce emissions, but also promote reuse and increase people’s well-being. With all the knowledge and expertise we possess.

Sharing knowledge

About 200 experts want to be the best in their field. They continuously enhance their knowledge in knowledge groups. Their specialist knowledge does not only help clients. They also share this knowledge in their network and at colleges and universities. This way, knowledge sharing benefits our organisation as well.

Core values

We act in an honest, reliable and careful way according to the rules of the game.

Eye for the future
We believe that investing in a better world for tomorrow is the best way to create value.

We know what we are talking about.

We do not operate alone. We are part of society, have an eye for everyone’s interests and like to work together in the best integrated teams to achieve the best social results.

Fun & passion
We are entrepreneurs, we show initiative and are responsible for the results.

Every person is valuable. Everyone is welcome to develop their own qualities to the fullest. Our people are our most important factor of success.


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The people of DGMR

About 220 experts want to be the best in their field. We seek out the boundaries of possibilities, off the beaten path. We are happy to tell you what we can do for you.

The people of DGMR