Unburden customization

First and foremost, fire safety revolves around human lives. When designing, (re)building and using your new or existing building, how do you ensure that safety is taken care of? For us, ‘to unburden’ is key when it comes to the choices we make together with our clients to achieve tailored fire safety. Whether it concerns consultancy for one or several aspects, or guidance for the entire process, including security.

Your wish as a starting point

DGMR’s consultants make use of the most recent perceptions in fire safety and integral safety. They make sure that you can build and use buildings as you wish, with consultancy off the beaten path when needed. Equal solutions sometimes require substantial persuasiveness, and legislation is merely the starting point.

DGMR’s advice is based on fundamental insight into the phenomenon fire, and we make use of risk analyses to offer tailored fire safety.


Our consultants Fire safety

More information about fire safety

  • Containment of fire

    Which risks do buildings or industrial complexes face in case of fire? And what consequences do a pool fire have for the surroundings? It is important that the risks are assessed and acceptable solutions are made measurable. That is what DGMR’s consultants do, partly based on NEN norms which we have developed together.

    Big factories, shopping centres and for example department stores would rather not use walls and doors to separate big compartments. Bigger compartments can be realised, for example by setting specific conditions for the building and its use. Or by installing a sprinkler system as equal solution. We offer our advice for a suitable solution.

    Transportation and storage of hazardous substances pose the risk of a big pool fire. DGMR’s consultants calculate the possible extent of the fire and determine the intensity for its vicinity.

  • Dutch Building Decree review

    Do your building plans for new construction or renovation comply with the Dutch Building Decree? By including the right information in your designs, you create clarity. Not only for the permit process, but also for the project team. With our Building Decree review, you can be sure that you haven’t forgotten anything and that the components are aligned. This prevents discussions about interpretation and adjustments during construction. Also important: it saves time and additional costs.

    A Building Decree assessment for your building plans has various areas of attention: architectural, building physics, fire safety and installations. We clearly bring all aspects together, so you can see at a glance where you stand. Our format is practical; the architect can use it and clearly articulate how the design can meet the requirements.

  • Fire resistant partitions

    It is literally of vital importance that walls and façades are fire and smoke resistant. We assess them in existing buildings, but also for new construction. More and more we help suppliers in the development of their façade elements, fire resistant doors or windows.

    Specific constructions of doors, windows or façades are often not in accordance with existing test certificates. DGMR combines the existing test reports, the European norms and our own knowledge and experience to assess whether or not the demands are met. In order to create a scope for the constructions that is as broad as possible, we combine the parts in smoke and fire partitions in the smartest way for the tests. Our expert statement is usually sufficient in obtaining approval of the Authority Having Jurisdiction. Complex situations sometimes require a declaration of conformity.

  • Fire protection systems

    There is plenty of choice in systems to detect and fight a fire. But which system do you need? What is the best extinguishing system or fire detection and fire alarm system or even smoke control? A detailed account in a by DGMR drafted programme of requirements sheds light on the matter. Clarity for municipalities and insurers, as much as for contractors and installers.

    DGMR’s consultants give advice on the right extinguish, fire detection and fire alarm systems and lay down the principles for a diversity of locations. From factories, shopping centres and department stores to car parks and storage areas for hazardous substances. Additionally, we assess the plans and help installers give shape to the demands of other consultants.

  • Fireproof building management

    The Authority Having Jurisdiction wants to know if the proprietor or manager of a building meets the legal demands for fire safety. Because hotels, schools and hospitals usually house a large amount of vulnerable people, the occupancy notification is not sufficient. Instead, an occupancy permit is required.

    DGMR’s consultants offer support in this procedure and assemble the right information, so that everything goes smoothly in the review process. The Authority Having Jurisdiction can approach us as well for a test or a second opinion. Our consultants also assist in realising and maintaining an evacuation procedure. Consultancy regarding the evacuation plan and its execution including the evacuation drills are part of this.

  • Fireproof escape and logistic flows

    An escape plan that fits the present or future business operation. This is one of the cornerstones of the entire fire safety concept that DGMR has to offer. From a very early stage, our consultants are involved in making this plan a good fit for your business processes. Every situation calls for specific safeguards.

    Not only do we calculate your building’s rate of passage. We also use these calculations to provide insight into escape routes and logistic flows within your building. Besides the usual calculation methods, we have access to advanced software with which we can make simulations. By means of these simulations, we can swiftly assess if safe evacuation can be guaranteed and provide insight in logistic flows and possible bottlenecks in your building in an early stage of the design.

DGMR advises clients in these markets

Business advisory services

Together, we work on a responsible corporate and living climate within the boundaries of government policy.


We know the specific approach that distribution centres, data centres and tank storage need for custom-made solutions.

Infrastructure and tunnels

Let’s make sure that underground and covered roads and railways are safe and reliable.

Office buildings

We help our clients make their buildings above all: distinctive, healthy, productive, comfortable and safe.


Our unique experience with vibration technology combined with building physics and fire safety makes the difference.


Creating an optimal experience for visitors of concert halls, gym complexes, amusement parks and for example cinemas, is something we do together.


We help schools and universities in choosing an environment that increases learning achievements.


To alter shopping so that it becomes a new experience, we change shops and ‘shopping malls’ into comfortable buildings.

Residential development

We are happy to contribute to healthy and pleasant living environments, mostly mixed-use developments and stacked residential building complexes.

Health care and hotels

We create an environment for hospitals and hotels in which people can properly recover and relax.