Ambtitions for the environment

Living and working in an agreeable, safe and healthy environment is what everyone wants. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to establish these ambitions in practice. As it seems, it is no simple task to hold on to the original ambitions. Planning processes and decision-making processes affect your plans, as well as cultural differences between environment and spatial planning and other interests. DGMR is happy to guide you through this maze of opportunities and obstacles.

Make room

We believe it is important to overcome the differences in culture and interests with the right mix of process-based guidance, policy development and a good technical interpretation in the planning process. This calls for multidisciplinary substance, as well as for knowledge and skills in communication, planning and decision-making processes.

In a balanced way, we help you make room for people and environment.


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  • Nitrogen Deposition

    When changing the activities of a company, or in a new situation that affects the emission of nitrogen, it is mandatory to investigate the effect of this on Natura 2000 areas. For example, when traffic movements or production of a company change, or when realizing a new construction plan. We are pleased to draw up a nitrogen deposition study, for the substantiation of your procedure for permits, notifications and zoning plans.

    The basis for this study is a calculation made with AERIUS calculator. With this calculation we provide insight into the nitrogen deposition on the Natura 2000 areas in the vicinity. If the calculation shows that your plan or company causes a significant effect on a Natura 2000 area, we advise you on possible measures to reduce nitrogen emissions. We also help you with other possibilities for obtaining permission, such as internal or external balancing, exemption for the construction phase, or ecological research (such as a suitable assessment). We are also pleased to provide advice on obtaining nitrogen space through a nitrogen bank, such as the microdeposit bank , target bank or the Nitrogen Registration System (SSRS).

    Developments regarding the calculation and assessment of nitrogen deposition follow each other in rapid succession. We are and remain well informed about the current laws and regulations and the latest case law, so that we can optimally assist you in obtaining the necessary permission.

  • Strategic consultancy in environmental policy

    You can approach us for the latest developments and the most recent laws and regulations. Your company specific situation is our starting point. Beginning with your business plan, through (strategic) risk analyses and environmental permits, alignment with the Authority Having Jurisdiction and other stakeholders up to realisation and implementation. We present the strategic choices to you time and again, to keep you completely involved and at the wheel.

  • Acoustic research

    Measurement is the key to knowledge. What are the sound pressure levels in your town’s residential areas? How much noise do passing cars, trains or trams produce? Do your business’ operations still meet the current noise standards? How much noise can construction activities bring about? And it is important to be aware of the effects of sound inside of buildings as well. Acoustic research can determine all this with the (long-term) collection of measurement data using our measurement systems.

  • Noise maps and noise mitigation

    What are the sound pressure levels in your area? Not only do we draw up noise maps, we also assess the additional information you need along the way. For example, to perform acoustic research in housing development, roads or reconstruction. Is there need for sound mitigation? Then we will provide noise modelling and determine the best measures. DGMR also has the expertise to design required mitigation measures for the façade.

  • Noise caused by events

    A municipality’s events policy is leading when it comes to festivals, concerts, festivities and more small-scale events. We help municipalities set up a strategy that describes which types of events can take place at which locations. And together we translate this into realistic and concrete assessment frameworks. Do they work in practice? DGMR monitors the sound pressure on the spot. With manned measurements, so organisers and the Authority Having Jurisdiction can immediately respond to nuisance complaints. But we carry out unmanned and longer measurements as well.

  • Air quality

    We need to cherish the quality of our air. DGMR has ample experience in studying the air quality in infrastructure projects, environmental permit processes for organisations, as well as in zoning plan procedures. DGMR’s consultants go beyond calculating concentrations. We deploy software to calculate and assess the effect of measures on air quality.

    Of course, we are familiar with the current situation within laws and legislation. We also coordinate and perform supplementary research on related environmental work areas, such as noise, vibrations, external safety, fire safety, smell and dust, and we can critically evaluate a drafted (design) Decision.

  • Safety

    Everyone benefits from a safe environment. DGMR’s consultants advise developers and the government in the assessment of measures that limit the chance of an accident or the size of a calamity. We also look into the business’ operations and examine the external safety aspects for the part of the environmental permit that covers the acceptance and control of risks. Activities with hazardous substances can cause risks in case of incidents, also outside the own location and outside the route of the hazardous substances. The Authority Having Jurisdiction demands the inventory and quantification of these risks.

  • Permits

    As an organisation, you sometimes have to deal with difficult questions concerning environmental permits. DGMR is happy to guide you throughout the process of your permit applications or notifications regarding the General Environmental Law Act in building a work place, the impact on an environmental area and the Activities Decree. Based on your business’ operations we will file the entire application. As an option, we can additionally coordinate and perform any required studies (noise, vibrations, external safety, fire safety, smell and dust).

    Based on your business’ operations, our consultants can determine which regulations are relevant and what poses possibilities and bottlenecks. While taking your organisation’s spatial planning and the extended scope of the environmental law into account. In line with licensing, DGMR can also consult on the possibilities in sustainable business for your organisation.

  • Road surface measurements

    How does the road surface affect traffic noise? With the CPX trailer (Close Proximity Measurement), which is unique in the Netherlands, we perform road surface measurements. We measure the noise emission of tire and road surface and advise on noise reduction. This measurement method gives clients insight into the actual noise reduction of a route. In addition, you test the surface with respect to noise requirements, monitor the quality of the surface, joint transitions and durability, trace damage and adjust your road maintenance accordingly.

  • Sustainable business operations

    Every day we help our clients achieve more sustainable business operations. Also called sustainable business or corporate social responsibility (CSR). We advise you to set up your business operations in such a way that the impact on people and the environment is limited as much as possible. Together we look for opportunities to make your business operations more and more sustainable. Together we set ambitions. We use a systematic approach to the various sustainability themes, based on the international guideline ISO 26000. A management system and CSR certificate make corporate social responsibility practical and manageable in the organization. Examples of environmental management systems (EMS) we work with are:

    • ISO 14001
    • OHSAS
    • CSR Performance Ladder (MVO-prestatieladder)
    • CO2 Performance Ladder
    • FIRA

    We help you implement these environmental management systems, among others, in your daily business operations. We show you how you can easily apply the ISO 26000 guideline in your business. We find the translation of the standard into practice very important. Is it also practicable on the shop floor?

DGMR advises clients in these markets

Business advisory services

Together, we work on a responsible corporate and living climate within the boundaries of government policy.

Area development

We can assist in the development of policy, the guidance of processes and the technical interpretation in the planning stage.


Whether it concerns low-noise road surfaces or complex designs, DGMR guides the implementation in the environment.