Solutions and opportunities for business and environment

Companies are the economy’s engine. And everyone benefits from a well-functioning industry. Naturally, companies take sustainability, safety and health seriously. They establish their own framework, just like the environment, legislation and local authorities do. The key is to find the right balance between business operations and these operations’ impact on the environment.

Knowledge and experience

DGMR’s consultants know companies as insiders and are well-informed on the specific laws and regulations. It is our strength to translate this knowledge into solutions and opportunities for your company and the environment. Together, we clarify the opportunities of and threats to your ambitions. We carry out risk analyses and practice-oriented research in sound, smell, air quality, external safety, vibrations, light nuisance and fire safety. And we guide you when you apply for a permit.

Meet us

About 200 experts want to be the best in their field. We seek out the boundaries of possibilities, off the beaten path. We are happy to tell you what we can do for you.