DGMR serves different markets

Each market has its own specific characteristics and needs. It’s about knowing the markets, connecting to them and coming up with sustainable solutions. We have 40 years of experience in many different markets. The combination with our professional expertise makes us a partner who does not shy away from any challenge.

Home in many segments

Area development

We can assist in the development of policy, the guidance of processes and the technical interpretation in the planning stage.

Data centers

We know the laws and regulations, make the translation to the business situation and create opportunities for the future.


We help schools and universities in choosing an environment that increases learning achievements.

Health care and hotels

We create an environment for hospitals and hotels in which people can properly recover and relax.


We know the specific approach that distribution centres, data centres and tank storage need for custom-made solutions.


Whether it concerns low-noise road surfaces or complex designs, DGMR guides the implementation in the environment.

Infrastructure and tunnels

Let’s make sure that underground and covered roads and railways are safe and reliable.


Our unique experience with vibration technology combined with building physics and fire safety makes the difference.


Creating an optimal experience for visitors of concert halls, gym complexes, amusement parks and for example cinemas, is something we do together.

Office buildings

We help our clients make their buildings above all: distinctive, healthy, productive, comfortable and safe.

Residential development

We are happy to contribute to healthy and pleasant living environments, mostly mixed-use developments and stacked residential building complexes.


To alter shopping so that it becomes a new experience, we change shops and ‘shopping malls’ into comfortable buildings.

Our consultancy services

About 200 experts want to be the best in their field. Together with our clients, we are happy to take on the challenge to contrive options that are an added value now and in the future.