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WELL for a healthy working environment

WELL Building with DGMR

WELL Building

Do you want to ensure that your building is healthy? The WELL Building Standard is a powerful tool for creating a healthy work environment, with the purpose of stimulating the health and productivity of those who work there.

WELL advisory service

DGMR’s WELL Accredited Professionals (APs) provide advice to customers about the ways in which they can achieve healthy buildings. The sooner they become involved in your plans, the better will they be able to achieve a match with your requirements. Our Accredited Professionals carry out a gap analysis to map out your situation and then advise you about the actions which will lead to WELL.

WELL APs: Antwan van Haaren  |  Laura van de Pol  |  Tim Beuker

Process guidance

The WELL process includes 10 themes aimed at stimulating health within buildings: air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, thermal comfort, sound, materials, mind and community. Our WELL APs work with customers to successfully meet their WELL requirements; their knowledge of your building enables them to work towards the certificate.


DGMR is the first bureau in Europe to have been certified as a WELL Performance Testing Organization by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI). Our WELL Performance Testing Agents perform assessments on behalf of GBCI to establish how effectively the envisaged safety measures will operate in practice; the burden of proof for the eventual WELL Performance Verification of your building.

WELL PTAs: Coen van der Graaf  |  Marjon van Harten

WELL Building with water and stairsWELL services

  • Education on WELL and healthy buildings (in-company training courses included)
  • Gap analysis as a zero measurement in your situation
  • Advice about the steps leading to the WELL certificate
  • Assessment of product compliance with WELL
  • Process guidance in the implementation of WELL measures
  • WELL assessments for certification
  • Guidance for recertification

Knowledge of WELL

DGMR has been involved in the application of WELL in the Netherlands since the introduction of the WELL Building Standard in 2016. We are a founding partner of the Blue Building Institute, and worked with them on the adaptation of WELL to the Dutch situation.

On behalf of the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), our WELL advisors have been asked to provide advice to IWBI in their capacity as WELL Concept Advisors Air & Thermal Comfort. IWBI also deploys DGMR’s experienced and expert WELL advisors as WELL Faculty Members, to deliver official WELL training courses.

logo member International WELL Building InstituteAs a leader in WELL certification, DGMR is now a member of the International WELL Building Institute. For us, this membership is a logical step in our focus on health in buildings.

Read our WELL whitepaper

Our WELL advisor

Antwan van Haaren

Consultant building physics