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Specialist know-how in user-friendly software

Performing complex calculations in an instant, that provide insight and solve environmental, energy, construction, installation and sustainability issues. Without having to think of relevant regulations, calculation instructions or norms, because our software is always up-to-date. That is what authorities and agencies are looking for. Specialist know-how in user-friendly software. To gain and maintain a grip on factors in the environment and in buildings.

Our specialties

DGMR Software is actively involved within all working areas we at DGMR consider our specialties. We possess the knowledge to create software for industrial and traffic noise, air quality, fire safety, building physics, sustainable construction, energy performance, installation technique and more. It is no coincidence that the Government, provinces, municipalities, environmental agencies, architects and companies make use of our high standing software.

Our products for the international market include iNoisePredictor and NoiseAtWork. With our software, we have built an excellent reputation both nationally and internationally.

Meet us

About 200 experts want to be the best in their field. We seek out the boundaries of possibilities, off the beaten path. We are happy to tell you what we can do for you.