Tailored concept

We approach your security issue with a broad perspective. We have an eye for daily practicality, architectural appearance of the building and the options for the integration of facilities. Without compromising the safety level and the risks in your situation. This results in a well-considered combination of organisational, architectural and electronic (OBE) measures, described and substantiated in a tailored security concept.

Balance between safety and security

What is distinctive for DGMR’s consultants, is that they also consider other disciplines. Take for instance the tension between safety and security. Our thorough knowledge of both areas, fire safety and security, allows us to offer practical suggestions and solutions both on a conceptual and operational level. By doing so early in the design stage, we can prevent problems later.

You can count on our support for the practical implementation of facilities as well.


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  • Security concept

    The positioning of security areas and human activity in case of a disruption are parts of security. Just as much as the electronic and architectural facilities aimed at timely detection and sufficient delay. However, security is more than a collection of loose facilities and measures. Risks can only be reduced by the right mix of measures on an organisational, architectural and electronic level.

    As independent consultants, we substantiate the use and need for all facilities in a tailored security concept. If desired, we make use of De Haagse Methodiek Security Management (DHM®).

  • Partitions

    We assess façades, glazed constructions and walls not only in the context of fire safety, but also of security. Depending on the possible threats, these should be burglar- or bulletproof or even explosion proof. The reliability of these constructions is of vital importance.

    For this reason, we do not limit our consultancy to the assessment of a partition’s composition, but also consult on its practical implementation. And from an architectural point of view, we make use of our knowledge and experience with trials and existing test reports. Our expert statement functions as support for clients and suppliers.

  • Architectural, sustainable and electronic measures

    Which architectural and electronic measures are necessary to prevent material damage? We determine the risk class with BORG improved risk classification and make a link with the required measures to prevent burglary. When requested, we include BORG in our security plan.

    Do you have ambitions in the area of sustainability for your building? Then, safety plays a role as well. In order to obtain the BREEAM MAN 8 security credit, we offer our consultancy with respect to the steps that need to be taken, and draft a report as burden of proof for your certification.

    For houses and residential buildings, we act as a consultancy agency in secure housing (PKVW-adviesbureau) and we offer support in the realisation of your design so that it complies with the demands and recommendations of the Dutch police label secure housing (PKVW).

DGMR advises clients in these markets

Office buildings

We help our clients make their buildings above all: distinctive, healthy, productive, comfortable and safe.


Creating an optimal experience for visitors of concert halls, gym complexes, amusement parks and for example cinemas, is something we do together.


We help schools and universities in choosing an environment that increases learning achievements.

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