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Provable and reliable

We demonstrate DGMR’s attention to quality, safety and the environment with our certificates. They guarantee the quality of our services, our attention to the environment and sustainability and our careful handling of (confidential) information. We work on their continuous improvement and have our systems regularly tested and certified by an external party.

Quality according to ISO 9001

We guarantee the quality of our services. Our business processes and agreements contribute to this. Through internal and external audits, we regularly test whether they can be improved.

ISO 9001

Environment and sustainability according to ISO 14001

Our policy is to minimize our impact on the environment. By reducing or even preventing environmental impact. We constantly seek improvement.

ISO 14001

Information security according to ISO 27001

Our employees and clients must be able to trust that their data is safe with us, that privacy is guaranteed and that we have properly arranged our cybersecurity.

ISO 27001

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