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Privacy statement

DGMR Raadgevende Ingenieurs BV (hereinafter DGMR), filed in the trade register under number 09052991, is responsible for the processing of personal data as rendered in this privacy statement.

Personal data that we process

DGMR attaches great value to protecting the privacy of its customers, applicants and visitors. The information gathered and processed by DGMR is therefore handled and protected with the utmost care. We process your personal data in keeping with European and Dutch legislation.

The following personal data are involved:

  • First name and family name
  • Gender
  • Job title
  • Address
  • E-mail address and telephone number
  • Details of your activities on our website
  • Other personal data actively provided by you in correspondence or by telephone.

Why we process personal data

DGMR processes your personal data because you use our services and/or because you yourself have provided the information.

We process personal data for the following purposes:

  • to offer our service provision
  • for purposes associated with our service provision, including the conducting of administration, recruitment and the selection of personnel; management of IT systems; security; compliance with legal obligations; and the filing and handling of requests and complaints
  • marketing and communication, including display facilities, management and improvement of this website, the sending of newsletters and the organisation of meetings.

DGMR does not keep personal data for longer than is strictly necessary to realise the goals for which the data has been gathered.

Sharing of personal data with third parties

DGMR does not sell personal data to third parties and shall furnish them only if this will be required for the execution of our agreement with you or to meet a legal obligation. We do conclude data processing agreements with businesses who process your data by our order, but always ensure a consistent level of protection and confidentiality of your data.

Perusal, alteration or removal of personal data

You have the right to peruse, correct or remove your personal data. You also have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your data, if any, or to object to the processing of your personal data by DGMR.

Contact our privacy officer at privacy@dgmr.nl

Retention periods

We use the following retention periods:

  • Applicant data (if not hired) applies 4 weeks after completion of application and longer only after permission (maximum 1 year);
  • Project-related information is valid for a maximum of 15 years after the conclusion of the project;
  • The financial data is valid for 7 years;
  • A maximum of 2 years applies to backups.