Acoustics and noise

Controling sound

Sound is a factor everywhere we live, work and recreate. Sometimes disturbing, sometimes pleasant. The most important task is to control sound. This applies to the acoustics in the workspaces of an office building and in cinema auditoria. And it applies just as much to industry that operates within noise zones, to road surfaces and railways in the Netherlands and to town events.

Substantiated acoustic consultancy

In this broad area of expertise, the consultants of DGMR do not only provide contractors and building owners with substantiated acoustic consultancy, but also industrial and government organisations. We carry out noise research, work with computer modelling, calculate noise emission values, offer solutions in building physics, draft noise mitigation measures, guide environmental permit procedures, you name it.

Thanks to our broad expertise, we apply the most suitable combination of activities in any situation.


Our consultants acoustics and noise

More information about acoustics and noise

  • Building acoustics

    For an occupied space to be comfortable, it requires sound insulation. DGMR’s consultants determine which wall or façade provides sufficient silence and rest, measure the levels of sound insulation and offer the architectural solution. Does it, for instance, concern a cinema or an installation space? Then considering the position of the spaces in a building in an early stage of the process is important to the creation of an efficient design.

  • Room acoustics

    Influenced by the New Way of Working, more and more open plan offices emerge. In existing, often long shaped office buildings this causes the occurrence of sound reflections over long distances that become clearly and disturbingly audible. This is the case for larger spaces as well, such as swimming pools, atriums and gyms. Reverberation time and reflections, together, are deciding factors for pleasant acoustics. We assess the reverberation time and reflections with our calculation models to provide our clients with the right solutions, as detailed as possible.

  • Auditorium acoustics

    The quality of acoustics is decisive when it comes to an optimal sound experience in a theatre or cinema. Due to our experience in theatre construction, DGMR knows what qualities an auditorium should have. We start with the client’s wishes and make these concrete with objective parameters. In our consultancy we do not merely focus on auditorium acoustics, but also consider the overall (theatre) technical design of an auditorium.


  • Acoustic research

    Measurement is the key to knowledge. What are the sound pressure levels in your town’s residential areas? How much noise do passing cars, trains or trams produce? Do your business’ operations still meet the current noise standards? How much noise can construction activities bring about? And it is important to be aware of the effects of sound inside of buildings as well. Acoustic research can determine all this with the (long-term) collection of measurement data using our measurement systems.

  • Noise maps and noise mitigation

    What are the sound pressure levels in your area? Not only do we draw up noise maps, we also assess the additional information you need along the way. For example, to perform acoustic research in housing development, roads or reconstruction. Is there need for sound mitigation? Then we will provide noise modelling and determine the best measures. DGMR also has the expertise to design required mitigation measures for the façade.

  • Noise caused by events

    A municipality’s events policy is leading when it comes to festivals, concerts, festivities and more small-scale events. We help municipalities set up a strategy that describes which types of events can take place at which locations. And together we translate this into realistic and concrete assessment frameworks. Do they work in practice? DGMR monitors the sound pressure on the spot. With manned measurements, so organisers and the Authority Having Jurisdiction can immediately respond to nuisance complaints. But we carry out unmanned and longer measurements as well.

  • Road surface measurements

    How does the road surface affect traffic noise? With the CPX trailer (Close Proximity Measurement), which is unique in the Netherlands, we perform road surface measurements. We measure the noise emission of tire and road surface and advise on noise reduction. This measurement method gives clients insight into the actual noise reduction of a route. In addition, you test the surface with respect to noise requirements, monitor the quality of the surface, joint transitions and durability, trace damage and adjust your road maintenance accordingly.

DGMR advises clients in these markets

Business advisory services

Together, we work on a responsible corporate and living climate within the boundaries of government policy.

Area development

We can assist in the development of policy, the guidance of processes and the technical interpretation in the planning stage.


We know the specific approach that distribution centres, data centres and tank storage need for custom-made solutions.


Whether it concerns low-noise road surfaces or complex designs, DGMR guides the implementation in the environment.

Office buildings

We help our clients make their buildings above all: distinctive, healthy, productive, comfortable and safe.


Our unique experience with vibration technology combined with building physics and fire safety makes the difference.


Creating an optimal experience for visitors of concert halls, gym complexes, amusement parks and for example cinemas, is something we do together.


We help schools and universities in choosing an environment that increases learning achievements.


To alter shopping so that it becomes a new experience, we change shops and ‘shopping malls’ into comfortable buildings.

Residential development

We are happy to contribute to healthy and pleasant living environments, mostly mixed-use developments and stacked residential building complexes.

Health care and hotels

We create an environment for hospitals and hotels in which people can properly recover and relax.

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