Our employees

Hans Tuinenga

Expert fire safety

Hans Vossers

Senior System Administrator

Helga Veul

Consultant Industry, traffic and environment
Hendrik-Jan Doevendans - DGMR

Hendrik-Jan Doevendans

Consultant fire safety

Henk Melenhorst

Manager ICT

Herman Jager

Senior technical specialist Industry, traffic and environment

Hessel Ridder

Senior Technical Specialist Building Physics and Sustainability

Ieke Kuijpers-van Gaalen

Consultant sustainability and health

Irma Houwers


Jan Snelderwaard

Consultant building physics and installation

Janneke de Kort

Technical Specialist Building physics and Sustainability

Jasper Pondman

Consultant environment
Vorige Volgende

Markets we serve

markets DGMR serves

Each market has its own specific characteristics and needs. It’s about knowing the markets, connecting to them and coming up with sustainable solutions. We have 40 years of experience in many different markets.

markets DGMR serves