Our consultants

Johan Hoogeweg - DGMR

Johan Hoogeweg

Consultant fire safety
Johan Koudijs - DGMR

Johan Koudijs

Consultant fire safety
Joris Kahlert - DGMR

Joris Kahlert

Consultant fire safety
Kevin Lenting - DGMR

Kevin Lenting

Consultant building technology and security
Klaas Niejenhuis - DGMR

Klaas van Niejenhuis

Consultant building physics and acoustics
Lars Bisselink - DGMR

Lars Bisselink

Consultant building physics
Laura van de Pol, DGMR

Laura van de Pol

Consultant sustainability and health
Leo van Haren - DGMR

Leo van Haren

Consultant building physics
Maarten Gies - DGMR

Maarten Gies

Consultant fire safety
Machiel Huisman - DGMR

Machiel Huisman

Consultant building physics and sustainability
Marc Dekker - DGMR

Marc Dekker

Consultant fire safety
Marjon van Harten, DGMR

Marjon van Harten

Specialist acoustics & WELL Performance Testing Agent

Markets we serve

markets DGMR serves

Each market has its own specific characteristics and needs. It’s about knowing the markets, connecting to them and coming up with sustainable solutions. We have 40 years of experience in many different markets.

markets DGMR serves